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Please pay attention to the ISIMIP Terms of Use before downloading data from this archive.

Remarks on the bias-corrected GCM input data:
This project serves version 2. The initial version was used to force impact models in the ISIMIP Fast Track phase and should only be used for the ISIMIP2 catch-up experiments for sectors that were already part of the Fast Track. It was published under the ISIMIP Fast Track ESGF project. For all other purposes, i.e. future runs for new ISIMIP2a sectors and modeling exercises with no relation to ISIMIP, version 2 published under this ESGF project should be used. This corrected and extended version (denoted as ISIe in Hempel et al. 2013) overcomes several limitations in adjusting the daily variability.

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ISIMIP is a community-driven modelling effort with the goal of providing cross-sectoral global impact assessments, based on the newly developed climate Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) and Shared Socio-Economic Pathways (SSP) scenarios.

Based on common background scenarios, a quantitative estimate of impacts and uncertainties for different sectors and from multiple impact models was derived. From this, policy relevant and society-focused metrics will be deducted.


This initiative, coordinated by a team at PIK with support from IIASA and backing from the IPCC Working Groups II+III, aims to provide outcomes for the IPCCs Fifth Assessment Report. Further it initiates a longer-term coordinated impact assessment effort driven by the entire impact community.


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