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Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project
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Here you will find data relating to the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP). Use of these data are subject to the ISIMIP terms of use. Changes to the data published on this archive are document in the ISIMIP output data changelog and input data changelog.

ISIMIP offers a framework for consistently projecting the impacts of climate change across sectors and spatial scales. An international network of climate-impact modellers contribute to a comprehensive and consistent picture of the world under different climate-change scenarios.

Documentation of the impact models that provided impact simulations for this archive can be found  in the ISIMIP Impact Model Database.

Questions related to ISIMIP can be directed to


This archive contains four data products:

  • Input data - the data used to drive the impact models, exactly as described in the ISIMIP simulation protocol.
  • Output data - the climate-impacts simulation data provided by participating modelling groups, corresponding to the output variables described in the ISIMIP simulation protocol.
  • Secondary input data - data that have been derived from or are related to the input data, but not described in the simulation protocol (e.g. with a differnt spatial or temporal resolution).
  • Secondary output data - data that have been derived by processing the ISIMIP output data, but do not correspond to output variables described in the simulation protocol.

ISIMIP is organised into simulation rounds, each defined by a focus topic, which guides the development of a simulation protocol. Currently, data are available for these simulation rounds:

  • ISIMIP2b - the contribution of climate change to impacts arising from low-emissions climate-change scenarios.
  • ISIMIP2a - model evaluation with a focus on the representation of the impacts of extreme events.


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