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ISIMIP-FT: ISIMIP Fast Track bias-corrected input data available again
We are happy to announce the republishing of the GCM bias-corrected input data from the ISIMIP Fast Track in ESGF. Thes data is published under the Unrestricted license.

This data set has two versions. The initial version was used to force impact models in the ISIMIP Fast Track phase and should only be used for the ISIMIP2 catch-up experiments for sectors that were not part of the Fast Track. It was published under the ISIMIP Fast Track ESGF project (isimip-ft). For all other purposes, i.e. future runs for new sectors and modeling exercises with no relation to ISIMIP, version 2 published under the ISIMIP 2 project (isimip2) should be used.

Version 1:
Version 2:

Update 1: MIROC-ESM-CHEM data is now also published under the Unrestricted license
Update 2: The input data set version 1 is given a DOI: and can be filtered with the DOI search facet (only on PIK node)
Update 3: The GCM input data set version 2 has been republished under the ISIMIP2a ESGF project, (2016/7/8)
07/08/2016 3:13 p.m. by Admin User